Sylvain Pinault

This letter is to let you how much I appreciate working with ONE-EIGHTY. Your software saves me a lot of time compared to other software that I used in the past. I save easily 10 to 15 minutes per delivery when I prepare and I print all the documentations. On top of that I would like to thank your team, especially Georges-Alexis, for the very good service provided.

ONE-EIGHTY helps me a lot to be more productive while being in control of my department.

Thank you very much!

Sylvain Pinault,
Directeur commercial
Mercedes-Benz Laval

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ONE-EIGHTY has given Hallmark Toyota the tools for a complete sales process in our showroom including the ability to professionally and effectively follow up with new prospects and existing customers.

Brent Scobie, General Manager, Hallmark Toyota

We highly recommend ONE-EIGHTY to any dealership with high expectations, not only of themselves, their staff and their performance, but also of the sales operating system they choose.

Steve & Reg Quinn, Owner & Dealer Principal, Parkview BMW, BMW/MINI Waterloo, BMW Toronto, MINI Downtown, and BMW Toronto Motorrad

If you want to drive sales and gross profits then ONE-EIGHTY is by far the best tool in the market.

Anthony Poole, General Manager, Northwest Lexus

So user friendly that I have not heard any manager or salesperson within our organization who has not fully embraced the system. In fact, they say they could no longer function as effectively without ONE-EIGHTY.

Arnold Smith, Managing Partner, Lone Star Inc. Mercedes-Benz

If I was going to put a sales software package together of my own with 35 years experience in the business, I would do exactly what they have done.

Darryl Budd, Dealer Principal, Budds™ BMW, Hamilton BMW and MINI Oakville

Menu Selling within ONE-EIGHTY allows you to create different menus for lease, finance, or cash buyers and will increase your average per car.

Jamie Sellner, Business Manager, Volkswagen Waterloo