Sylvain Pinault

This letter is to let you how much I appreciate working with ONE-EIGHTY. Your software saves me a lot of time compared to other software that I used in the past. I save easily 10 to 15 minutes per delivery when I prepare and I print all the documentations. On top of that I would like to thank your team, especially Georges-Alexis, for the very good service provided.

ONE-EIGHTY helps me a lot to be more productive while being in control of my department.

Thank you very much!

Sylvain Pinault,
Directeur commercial
Mercedes-Benz Laval

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If you want to drive sales and gross profits then ONE-EIGHTY is by far the best tool in the market.

Anthony Poole, General Manager, Northwest Lexus

If I was going to put a sales software package together of my own with 35 years experience in the business, I would do exactly what they have done.

Darryl Budd, Dealer Principal, Budds™ BMW, Hamilton BMW and MINI Oakville

Menu Selling within ONE-EIGHTY allows you to create different menus for lease, finance, or cash buyers and will increase your average per car.

Jamie Sellner, Business Manager, Volkswagen Waterloo

So user friendly that I have not heard any manager or salesperson within our organization who has not fully embraced the system. In fact, they say they could no longer function as effectively without ONE-EIGHTY.

Arnold Smith, Managing Partner, Lone Star Inc. Mercedes-Benz

We highly recommend ONE-EIGHTY to any dealership with high expectations, not only of themselves, their staff and their performance, but also of the sales operating system they choose.

Steve & Reg Quinn, Owner & Dealer Principal, Parkview BMW, BMW/MINI Waterloo, BMW Toronto, MINI Downtown, and BMW Toronto Motorrad

ONE-EIGHTY has given Hallmark Toyota the tools for a complete sales process in our showroom including the ability to professionally and effectively follow up with new prospects and existing customers.

Brent Scobie, General Manager, Hallmark Toyota