Greg and Damien Dubois

Spring, 2006

It is my pleasure to provide ONE-EIGHTY CORP with a testimonial.

In the summer of 2004, we recognized that we faced some critical challenges in our Sales department.
The introduction of new products, a relative lack of experience by our Sales staff and an increased pressure on sales gross required us to look for outside assistance.

We researched Sales systems from other providers, including our DMS provider, but felt they all lacked certain components which were key to our operation.

The ONE-EIGHTY system allowed our staff to concentrate on product knowledge and presentation. It permitted our managers to have real time gross profit numbers, closing ratios and a comprehensive traffic log.

The fact that the ONE-EIGHTY system is web based allowed us to access our Sales department from offsite locations. This permits our managers to approve deals and our Sales Reps to present our inventory to perspective customers during off-hours.

We were initially impressed with the system, but concerned about implementation in our dealership. The staff of ONE-EIGHTY CORP spent a considerable amount of time over several weeks working with our staff in Sales and Accounting, making sure that all users were comfortable with the new processes.

Beyond the program itself, we have found the staff at ONE-EIGHTY CORP to be extremely helpful and professional. Help is a phone call away, with virtually immediate response.

ONE-EIGHTY allows us to present a consistent, professional message to our customers.

The choice to work with ONE-EIGHTY CORP continues to be one of the best decisions we have made. I welcome questions from any of your perspective clients.


Greg and Damien Dubois,
Owner / Operators
Dubois Mazda

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We highly recommend ONE-EIGHTY to any dealership with high expectations, not only of themselves, their staff and their performance, but also of the sales operating system they choose.

Steve & Reg Quinn, Owner & Dealer Principal, Parkview BMW, BMW/MINI Waterloo, BMW Toronto, MINI Downtown, and BMW Toronto Motorrad

If you want to drive sales and gross profits then ONE-EIGHTY is by far the best tool in the market.

Anthony Poole, General Manager, Northwest Lexus

If I was going to put a sales software package together of my own with 35 years experience in the business, I would do exactly what they have done.

Darryl Budd, Dealer Principal, Budds™ BMW, Hamilton BMW and MINI Oakville

So user friendly that I have not heard any manager or salesperson within our organization who has not fully embraced the system. In fact, they say they could no longer function as effectively without ONE-EIGHTY.

Arnold Smith, Managing Partner, Lone Star Inc. Mercedes-Benz

Menu Selling within ONE-EIGHTY allows you to create different menus for lease, finance, or cash buyers and will increase your average per car.

Jamie Sellner, Business Manager, Volkswagen Waterloo

ONE-EIGHTY has given Hallmark Toyota the tools for a complete sales process in our showroom including the ability to professionally and effectively follow up with new prospects and existing customers.

Brent Scobie, General Manager, Hallmark Toyota